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Digital Arts Express Workshop (Painting Electricity)


We conducted a Bare Conductive Workshop for the DAX workshop in HKIED.

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Innovationists Exhibition at Museum of Contemporary Art, Taipei


Resonance Seed (L) + Anádelta (R) is selected to exhibit in a device art exhibition “因腦維新族:新媒體藝術的華麗旅程”

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The evolutions of Character exhibition


Extended ver. of “No Longer Write” is entitled “上大人 / SHĀNG DÀ RÊN”.

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冬至‧夏歸乎 / Farewell to the Sun


Farewell to the Sun concert is a collaboration with Hong Kong Chinese Orchestra on 21st-22nd Dec.

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Resonance Seed at HKHM

Resonance Seed

New installation “Resonance Seed” is exhibiting at Hong Kong Heritage Museum (Creative Ecologies +) until 02/01/2013.

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